Smart solutions for your
F&B Business.

Run your entire Restaurant on SmartasOS - A single F&B platform that works better together.

Simplify Operations

Operate Your F&B Business like never before

Manage all your outlets and their services in one system

E-Waiter System

Our Self-Ordering System makes handling easier, ordering faster and eliminates ordering errors.

Delivery and Takeaway

Get the best possible way for On-time and effortless delivery.

Dine In

We help you reduce customer's waiting time and increase their quality experience.


Reserve the hectic stuff for us. You get the table ready

Integrated Delivery

3rd Party delivery Integrations “delivery hub”

Advanced Loyalty Program

We've got your back to retain your customers in lifetime loyalty

Business Insight

Get all the minute customer data, sales & payment reports of your business in real time

Analytics & Report

Analytics and Reports provide decision makers the information to make right deal and maximum profits.

Who we are?

About us

Get your business off the ground and leverage E-waiter system - enable self-ordering to decrease waiting time, customer management, ordering interface and deliveries, retain customers, generate loyalty, and have returning customers. Stop paying commissions - Instead of giving away your hard-earned money in commissions, join hands with SmartasOS and save millions, optimize time and watch your revenue increasing manifold. We are the game-changing solution you need and the boost your business deserves.

Product details

Get Everything to Manage F&B Business Smartly

Meet SmartasOS which saves time and manpower for F&B Businesses

E-Waiter System

Enable self-ordering to decrease waiting time

Simple to order, Keep guests and staffs safe by promoting contactless operations, Use combination of products to increase sale, Safe and secure payments accounted through cloud computing

Simplify Operations

Streamline your business operations and processes

Monitor and review your operations regularly - by monitoring and reviewing your operations regularly, you can identify areas for improvement and make changes accordingly. This can help to ensure your operations are always as effective and efficient as possible.

Launch Your Website

Build a restaurant website that brings new customers

With more and more people using smartphones and tablets to access the internet, it’s important to make sure your business has a website where they can order your products. We have an inbuilt website solution inside our system

Customer Behaviour

Access Purchasing behaviour to Brand loyalty

Get all the data that help you study how customers make decisions about your products to buy, how often they buy, and what is the pattern. It helps businesses to understand what customers want and how to target them.

Brand Awareness

Reach wider audiences with SmartasOS

Small businesses need to be particularly aware of the importance of brand awareness, as they often have limited budgets and need to make the most of their marketing efforts.

Engage Customers

Customers Engagement powers the customer experience

Using SmartasOS connects with your customers on various touch points at a deeper level in order to create loyalty and encourage repeat orders. The benefits of customer engagement include improved customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

Easy Payment Settle

All Payment Settle in a single system

The advantages of our system include simplifying financial management, reducing stress, and making it easier to stay on top of your finances. If you are struggling to keep up with multiple stream of payments, this system may be a good option for you.

Automate & Scale

Automate & Scale Your Business

Manage all your services and all your outlets in one system

Automate & Scale

Automate & Scale Your Business

Manage all your services and all your outlets in one system

SmartasOS - Your growth partner!

Why choose us

We combine common sense with inventive solutions to meet the demands of ever-changing brand environments

1. Save time & Resources

Imagine running an F&B business and managing the entire business operations, store management, taking orders, online orders, kitchen inventory, delivery, dine-in; and if that’s not too much work for one already, you also have to think of business growth, customer retention, business data management and ensuring customer satisfaction - Well! So much to do, you need more hands at work. What if, we can offer you a system that can help you manage all your F&B business work for you? Yes we’ve the one - SmartasOS.

2. Get 360 Customize Solutions

Your business grows every single day and so you can't operate with the same type of system all the time that's why we made our system 360-degree customizable ensuring it will fit your business requirement and meet your expectations.

3. Dedicated Support

We believe in delivering quality services to our clients so that we can retain them for a longer period of time and increase the customer lifetime value. Hence we are keen to provide dedicated support whenever they need us. Work directly with teams without any communication layers.

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SmartasOS Benefits

Supercharge your F&B Business with our system to get everyday

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We combine common sense with inventive solutions to meet the demands of ever-changing brand environments

What types of businesses can use SmartasOS?

• Restaurants
• Bar
• Pub
• Breweries
• Café
• Chain of Restaurants

How to get it started?

Step 1- Book a demo here (link)
Step 2 – Talk to our executives to learn more about o your business
Step 3 – Get a SmartasOS launched for your business

Do you have social media integration?

Yes, we have social media integration for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

How can an online ordering system help business owners?

With SmartasOS, business owners can manage the entire business operations, store management, taking orders, kitchen inventory, delivery, dine-in, takeaway, reservation, customer retention, business data management and you can fulfil all your customer's order easily and quickly and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Does SmartasOS have an in-built CRM system?

Yes, we have in-built CRM system which will help you manage your customer data with ease

Do SmartasOS provide popular Delivery partners?

Yes, we do integrate popular delivery partners such as GrabExpress, Lalamove and Zeek.

Do you have any trial subscription?

Yee, we are giving 1 month trial subscription.

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With all the tools necessary to maximise and grow your business.

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Start Growing Your Business Today

With all the tools necessary to maximise and grow your business.

Mr Chee

Sanjeet Kumar

“SmartasOS Cloud Solutions have given our business an added advantage in the market by creating an Eco-system within our chain of restaurants. Customers base definitely had grown even during COVID times. We see a good turn over at recent times. Using their Smart solutions analysing the reports and the datas, gives us more information on the business. Profits and Savings.”

“SmartasOS Solutions helped us very much as we could not take mannual orders as it was over flowing. Now, we could manage it well and deliver promptly to our customers. Their loyalty systems makes customers coming back for more. Exactly what we wanted in our business.”

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